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Happy Friday Blueshirts fans! The week is finally over, the booze is flowing (I’m a single malt scotch guy if you’re keeping score at home), and we’ve got back-to-back 5pm starts against the Devils and Blue Jackets to look forward to this weekend. As I settle into my tumbler of the good stuff, I figured I’d hit you all with a quick post to fire you up for tomorrow night’s matchup. I love beating the Devils. Always have, always will. And this win a few seasons ago was particularly sweet. The entire play was pure gold. Kreider’s initial breakout pass, his no-look dish to Klein, and the Hebrew Hammer himself firing home short side. Say what you will about Kleiner this year, but I don’t think he’s been all that bad. We just got spoiled by his 2014-15 season, where he seemed to only score game-winning goals. AV’s already ruled him out of both weekend games with the recurrence of his back issue from earlier this year, but let’s live in the past a bit tonight and enjoy this backbreaking, breathtaking goal. Screw the Devils, screw Torts, and screw worrying about avoiding the Metropolitan division in the playoffs- I want 4 points this weekend! LGR!