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Blueshirts fans, I’ve got a big surprise for you all on this freezing cold Saturday. I wanted to introduce you all to my buddy, Stevie from Brooklyn. Now, Stevie’s no ordinary guy. He and I have worked together a couple years, he’s a fellow paisano, drums for a Black Sabbath tribute band, is probably the biggest Blueshirts fan on the planet, and says some of the most outrageous stuff I’ve ever heard. Also, he looks like Caps’ Assistant Coach, Lane Lambert, lettuce and all:


Now, I’ll let you argue about anything that a write but don’t even try to tell me that that’s not some of the best hockey flow you’ve ever seen. You’d be lying, and you’d be hurting mine, Lane’s and most importantly Stevie’s feelings. Anyway, after the Bruins game, Stevie says to me,”That Lindberg goal was hello Carlo…and goodbye Carlo.” Now for all you non-Italians or non-cinema lovers, he’s referring to Carlo Rizzi, Michael Corleone’s brother-in-law in “The Godfather.” Rizzi sells the Corleones out to the Barzini family and has to answer to Clemenza for his crimes:

Tough way to go, eh? As coldhearted a killer as Clemenza was, I think Oscar Lindberg might have him beat. Check out what he does to the other Carlo, Bruins’ defenseman Brandon Carlo:

That was ruthless. Hello Carlo…goodbye Carlo.