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New York Rangers v Calgary Flames

Tanner Glass, courtesy of blueseatblogs.com

The Rangers’ management and I haven’t gotten along the last couple years. It all really started with the Ryan Callahan trade. I’m still not over that one and probably will never let it go. Year after year, they don’t make the moves I want. I’d begun to lose hope, but then I view this tweet today and I’m thinking of taking Gorton and Co. back. The Rangers officially called up Steve Kampfer and TANNER FREAKING GLASS up from Hartford. I’m equal parts shocked and happy. Sure, the Rangers burn through half of their allotted call-ups for the rest of the year, but with the post-trade deadline elimination of roster sizes, I really like these moves. Kampfer is a guy with over 100 games of NHL experience and can really help the injury-depleted blue line that doesn’t look to be getting Girardi or Klein back for a while. And I’m losing my patience with Adam Clendening. He just stood around like an oaf on the first Montreal goal last night and put our leading goalscorer on the shelf. Michael Grabner had to have an MRI on his hip today and will probably miss a few more games, all because Clendening decided he’d finally play some physical defense….in practice. Literally, the Rangers should just permanently vacate the number 4; Michael Del Zotto put the freakin’ evil eye on it. Seriously, I’m going to have to go back to the old country and find a Nonna to do the olive oil ritual to get the jinx off. Again, for all you non-Italians who are sitting there thinking I’m nuts, it’s a real thing. Watch this and tell me I’m lying. 

Now, that we’ve  covered off Southern Italian mysticism, let’s talk about Tanner Glass. I can’t wait to have this guy back in the lineup, hopefully for Pirri. Its no secret amongst my friend how much I love fighters. I’m in awe of these guys and admire the hell out of them for the job they did in the NHL. That being said, I truly don’t look at Tanner Glass as just a fighter. He’s a good, albeit a bit slow, skater who forechecks, hits, and wins battles in the gritty areas of the ice. He may not be a great possession player, but if we need Tanner Glass to put up points and a huge Corsi %, we have bigger problems than injuries or inconsistency. Fact is, this team is pillowy soft. Cottonelle soft. They need some Western Canadian grit. And now they’ve got it. I can’t wait to see Tanner take that damn visor off and start throwing hands out there.