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Sean Day, courtesy of The Hockey News

The Rangers have been busy post trade-deadline, having already burned 3 or their 4 allotted call-ups. Now, they have locked up a player with a potentially bright future, signing defenseman, Sean Day to an Entry-Level contract. Day was the Rangers’ 2016 3rd-round choice and already has members of the team’s front office singing his praises. Adam Graves loves the maturity and growth that the 19-year old already shows, saying, “I think with all young players … consistency is a big part of anyone’s success. He has really added that element this year. I think his confidence has grown. I think he’s taken this opportunity and he’s really focused on his game. You can see the fruits of his labor.” Assistant GM and former Ranger captain Chris Drury is also very excited by Day’s game. “You can’t not watch him and not notice how great of a skater he is, but I think he has a lot other skills besides that,” Drury said. “He’s a big, strong kid that’s really only scratched the surface as far as training. He’s got to be one of the strongest players in that League. I think the upside in that department is huge.” I’m surprised and concerned that a guy who is this highly-touted was able to slide to the 3rd round. His juniors stats don’t jump off of the page at you, but they are plenty good. Also, let’s not forget that he joined the likes of John Tavares when he became only the 4th player to be granted the opportunity to play CHL hockey at 15 years of age. Plus, I definitely trust the likes of Graves and Drury when it comes to talent evaluation. I doubt we’ll see Day even in Hartford this year, as doing so would burn a year of his deal and he has the opportunity to show his growth on a huge stage, with his Windsor Spitfires participating in the Memorial Cup. He’ll play some big minutes there, hopefully play at a high level and then start next year in Hartford. I’m going to watch his progress very carefully, as his continued growth can make it that much easier to buy out Dan Girardi. If only he were a righty…