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courtesy of Kryk Slants

Fire them! Fire them all! Mike Murphy, the refs, hell, even Bettman. I want them all gone. I’m out for blood and and I won’t rest until every NHL official is fired after that ridiculous non-call tonight. Toronto’s War Room gave this game to Carolina. Raanta’s skates were in the crease and he got elbowed in the head! And Toronto says he INITIATED CONTACT so Sebastian Aho’s goal stood! How in the God’s green earth do you initiate getting elbowed in the head?! I will give naming rights to my first born to the person that actually has an answer.

Quick Stats:

First Period Scoring-

  • 7:24 NEW YORK GOAL (PP) Chris Kreider; Assists: Derek Stepan, Ryan McDonagh
  • 13:15 CAROLINA GOAL Jeff Skinner; Assist: Victor Rask
  • 13:44 CAROLINA GOAL Valentin Zykov; Assists: Sebastian Aho, Jordan Staal

Second Period Scoring-

  • 7:16 NEW YORK GOAL (PP) Mika Zibanejad; Assists: Chris Kreider, Derek Stepan
  • 16:42 NEW YORK GOAL (PP) Mika Zibanejad; Unassisted

Third period Scoring-

  • 9:04 CAROLINA GOAL (PP) Sebastian Aho; Assists: Teuvo Teravainen, Justin Faulk
  • 12:28 CAROLINA GOAL (PP) Sebastian Aho; Assists: Jordan Staal, Elias Lindholm

Three Stars-

  1. Sebastien Aho, CAR: 2 Goals
  2. Valentin Zykov, CAR: 1st Career NHL Goal
  3. Jordan Staal, CAR: 2 Assists



  • I just want to get this out of the way so that I can erase it from my memory. That non-call on the elbowing of Antti Raanta was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. All the trouble they go through to protect the goalies, institute concussion protocol and all this other BS only to not make this call. Absolutely absurd. In fairness to Carolina, they did come out hard and fast, outplaying the Rangers for most of the 3rd period. But they did not deserve to win.
  • Carolina’s fast start to the 3rd period was proving to be manageable with Raanta making great save after great save. Yes, that non-call was killer, but we wouldn’t even be talking about it if not for the penalties taken by Nick Holden and Mika Zibanejad. The Hurricanes were already surging, so it was up to the Rangers to be extra responsible and they failed to do so. They allowed a team that was heating up to tie the score and then take the lead.
  • The Rangers’ power-play finally came through. In my last game recap, I spoke about my frustration that, lately, the Rangers only seem to take the puck to the net and set up net-front at even strength. The power-play was successful precisely because they did these things tonight. If you look at both the Kreider and the first Zibanejad goal, you’ll see the Rangers set up in front of Cam Ward’s goal exactly the same way: one man at each post and one man at the top of the crease. In both instances, it allowed for a high-percentage changes that was cooly converted. They have to keep up this same formula: pucks and bodies to the net.
  • MSG showed a stat that Chris Kreider is one of 4 players this year with 20+ goals and 100+ hits. He shares the list with Alexander Ovechkin; not bad company for Kreids. I love the breakout year that Kreider is having. He’s about to set a career high in points and will probably eclipse 30 goals for the first time in his career. But what I’ve liked the most about his year is the consistency that he has shown. His performance in the past was maddening because he’s got all the physical tools and is super smart, but was streaky. This year the highs are higher and the lows have not ever been as low as in years past. This is the Chris Kreider we’ve been waiting for and I think he will sustain this level of All-Star caliber performance going forward.
  • Mika Zibanejad is officially hot. He’s had two game winning goals in the past week and tonight he registers two power-play goals. The first one was a good example of poaching around the net, but the second goal is the one that really impressed me because it showed off his great shot. He did a excellent job of taking advantage of a horrible Carolina turnover in the slot and put the puck past Cam Ward in the blink of an eye. With Stepan still unable to score, Mika needs to keep this up.
  • Speaking of Derek Stepan, what does he have to do to score a goal?! It doesn’t get much worse than the post he hit late in the 3rd period. Short of missing an empty net, I literally can’t imagine being more snakebitten than Step is right now. I do hope and think, however, that he is keeping his chin up through this. Case and point, look at his no-look pass to Chris Kreider for the Rangers’ first goal of the night. That was an awesome play that exudes great confidence. His time will come soon and when we need it most.